Standards of Service

I. MAP's recommendations are based upon the following 

System Failure: Parts/system indicated are out of manufacturers' specifications, have failed or are unable to perform their normal function as intended or designed by the manufacturer. Service or replacement is required.

Preventive/Scheduled Maintenance: Parts/system are scheduled for service/replacement per industry standards or are near the end of their useful life and repair/replacement is recommended in advance of parts/system failure. Service or replacement is suggested.

Improved System Performance: Parts/system indicated are recommended for repair/replacement to enhance/improve the vehicle's ability to perform as intended or designed by the manufacturer, or as requested by the customer. Service or replacement is suggested.

II. Training/Criteria
Shop personnel have acquired auto repair expertise through formal education or work experience. Where appropriate, personnel are moving toward certification (e.g. vehicle manufacturer, ASE, etc.) for the services performed. Continuing education is supported by all MAP participants.

III. Appropriate Company Approved Inspection
Shop will perform an appropriate inspection based on MAP Uniform Inspection & Communication Standards.

IV. Written Estimates
Written estimates based on inspection, in compliance with state and local regulations, will include parts (dollar amount), labor (dollar amount), and the total estimate.

V. Work Authorization
No work will be performed without the customer's prior approval.

VI. Limited Warranty
Shop offers a minimum limited warranty for 90 days or 4,000 miles, whichever comes first, covering parts and labor.

VII. Returned Parts
All customers will be entitled to the return of old parts, or if they choose, they may examine the parts prior to leaving the store. Where failed parts are required to be returned to the manufacturer in order to honor the warranty, the customer will be allowed to examine the parts.

VIII. Classification of Parts
Replaced parts will be identified as new, remanufactured, rebuilt or used. MAP participants will inform the customer and indicate on the estimate and invoice whether a part is new, remanufactured, rebuilt or used.