March 2016 AMRA Directions Newsletter

April 1, 2016
Good News is Worth Repeating!

By now, you’ve probably seen a few articles about AMRA/MAP or quotes from the Motorist Assurance Program in various trade publications. And, if you pay attention to news beyond automotive repair, you may even have run across AMRA/MAP information and quotes in various mainstream publications such as US News and World Report. It seems that more and more, national news media and others are finding MAP Standards, well… the Standard for educating both motorists and service providers.

As an AMRA/MAP member, you should probably keep an eye out for any articles, quotes, blog posts, etc. that mention AMRA/MAP or the Motorist Assurance Program. Why? Because whatever your customers read or hear about MAP Standards, they will expect you to know and understand, as well. These topics can become great conversation starters and a basis for building (or strengthening) a relationship between you and your customers.

A great way to stay tuned to all this media attention is to let your computer alert you whenever AMRA, the Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association, MAP or the Motorist Assurance Program pops up in the news. Simply setting up GOOGLE Alerts for the above terms will offer 24/7 monitoring for anything newly posted on the internet, even digital versions of traditional print magazines.

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