August 2015 AMRA Directions Newsletter

September 1, 2015
COMPLETE Inspections Matter!

There are dire consequences whenever something is “missed” or omitted

As a trained professional, failure to clearly and accurately communicate the condition of a vehicle component or system may be the worst thing you can ever do to a valued customer. Our job is to educate motorists about required and suggested service recommendations for their vehicle based on thorough, comprehensive system inspections, allowing a consumer to make educated and informed choices about repairs and maintenance for their vehicle. When we fail to adequately document and communicate our findings, we can lose (our) business, technicians and customers — figuratively and literally…

Several articles have been recently published in our industry and mainstream media, but well worth a reminder:

licensed car mechanic has been charged with manslaughter in customer's death

A Vermont technician was arrested on charges of manslaughter and reckless endangerment. This came after his failure to properly inspect a vehicle, and failure to properly inspect the car’s braking system, contributing to a woman's death.

Reports indicate the car showed visibly unsafe conditions, including rusted and corroded brake lines.

The technician faces up to 16 years in prison and a fine of $4,000 if convicted on all charges.

For more details, go to

Motorist Assurance Program Standards for Service PROMISE customers that we employ personnel trained in accordance with the MAP Standards of Service who are qualified to perform an inspection based on MAP Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards, and to provide written recommendations for repairs that are explained and based on system failure, improved system performance or preventive maintenance according to accepted industry standards.

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