MAP Qualified Program

Every MAP Participating Facility is required to have at least one (1) associate that is MAP Qualified. In order to become MAP Qualified a person must demonstrate their ability to use the MAP Process to communicate more effectively and consistently with your consumers and prospects.

Both your shop and your customers will get off to a better start if they share a common "road map" to the customer's car, something each should follow to help prevent misunderstandings. MAP-participating shops use such a road map: the Uniform Inspection & Communication Standards (UICS). The standards give the shop a "customer communication/education tool" to use before proceeding with any work. Service staff can review the industry standards with the consumer and give him or her a copy of the MAP-required written estimate, which explains in clear language what services will be done to the vehicle - and why. Using these guidelines and materials assures your customers that they'll get consistent service and repair recommendations, based on the uniform industry standards.

Take advantage of the benefits of using MAP by fully training your staff. Get your company's education department to set up training or contact MAP directly. Either way, your store, its employees and its customers will benefit.

If your staff has already completed their MAP Training, then have them sign up on line to take the MAP-Qualified Assessment. By following the e-UICS link on our website, you can register and take the assessment test. Once you have successfully completed the test, you can print out your certificate of completion.