Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is MAP?

A:  MAP stands for Motorist Assurance Program and was formed by a group of automotive repair and service companies that desired to improve the image and reputation of this industry in the eyes of the consumer.

Q:  Who is MAP?

A:  MAP is a network of more than 100 of the most commonly recognized names in the automotive maintenance and service industry and their suppliers. They responded to a need for the industry to collaborate on developing a series of Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards.

Q:  What are the Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards?

A:  These guidelines, developed by some of the best technical minds in the industry, are meant to provide a road map for the industry in communicating the results of an inspection of a customer's vehicle and properly alerting that customer to what degree the repairs/replacement on the vehicle are necessary or only suggested.

Q:  If I were to get involved with MAP, how would this help my business?

A:  By following the MAP standards, you're showing your customers and potential customers that you believe in and follow high industry standards, that you want to assure their satisfaction, and that you will take care of their needs honestly and carefully.

Q:  How do I get a MAP logo for my facility?

A:  MAP has developed an accreditation process that will lead you to becoming an accredited facility. Once accredited, the facility may display the MAP logo on its door or in its showroom.

Q:  If I want to get involved with MAP, how could I serve?

A:  MAP is a membership organization made up of volunteers from the automotive repair and service industry who are dedicated to making their industry one that they are proud of and one that the customer will respect. There are numerous committees always in need of fresh and creative minds.

Q:  What are some of these Committees?

A:  There are five committees and a task force that are currently functioning with a common goal and purpose of improving the image of this industry. More information on these committees can be learned by contacting MAP headquarters:

  • Technical Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Environmental Task Force
  • Service Provider Task Force
  • Participation Task Force

Q:  What about the Attorneys General in my state? Are they on-board with MAP?

A:  Most states with auto repair legislation in force participate in and support MAP. MAP is committed to and also encourages the automotive trade press to support MAP and its efforts.

Q:  I have been told that only the major companies are involved. I am a small company; is MAP for me?

A:  MAP is composed of companies of all sizes. MAP was started by the major companies who had the resources to invest initially in this important program, but it has quickly spread to companies of all sizes. The smallest member has one store and 4 bays! Remember there are many more small companies than there are large companies in the automotive repair and service industries.

These have been some of the most asked questions about MAP. Please feel free to contact us if you would like additional information.